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Call PWC Employees Credit Union when you need to borrow money.  Our loan officers will help you choose the best solution for your borrowing needs.  A wide range of loan products and low rates make PWC Employees Credit Union the RIGHT place to borrow.

These are general guidelines for printing, completing and submitting your loan application with PWC Employees Credit Union.

If you are applying for individual credit, please complete the front and back of the application, under the left-hand side of the form, marked "Applicant".
If you are married, and have joint credit with your spouse (i.e. loans with both of you named) you may need to apply for joint credit here also.  Please complete both the left- and right-hand sides of the application, as well as front and back  of the application. 

Please include two (2) recent pay stubs and a recent copy of a W-2 for each person on the application.  If you do not work for Prince William County, fill out, sign and date the "Verification of Employment Form".  Return the application and documentation with the $10.00 fee authorization form signed and dated. (for first-time applicant only, to set up the loan file)  It is important that ALL sections of your loan application be completed, and that you sign the application in ink.  Missing information may delay the processing of the application.

For your convenience, loan payments are normally made by payroll deduction.  If your loan is approved, you will have the opportunity to complete or change your payroll deduction card at the time the loan is disbursed to you.  Payments will be scheduled to coincide with your pay periods and pay days.

If you are a seasonal worker, such as a bus driver or a cafeteria worker, please remember you are responsible for making payments throughout the year, even during the period of time you do not receive a full paycheck.

If you have questions, please call 703/680-1143.  We will be happy to answer any questions you may have.  Our office hours are Monday through Friday 9:00AM to 5:00PM. 

Verification of Employment
If you are requested to provide additional verification of employment, please click here to print the appropriate form.